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A podcast about how to hack and hustle your way from tradeshow chaos to tradeshow delight.

In honor of tradeshow and event coordinators everywhere, three tradeshow experts from inside companies exhibiting at over 100 shows per year are out to reclaim the name "Booth Babes". In each episode, we bring you tips, tricks, and tales from our personal warchest of harrowing tradeshow gaffs and hard won showstopping triumphs. Come along for the ride!

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Mar 22, 2020

Join the Showffers for our first segment of "What Happens When IRL Gets Cancelled".  We offer insider insights as the COVID-19 pandemic shifts the world from live to cancelled!  This episode tees up the series offering blow by blow updates on what is happening from inside big corporations and at live events and what you should be doing right now to score win-wins in the  pandemic-economy.  We invite you to send us your stories - shows that got cancelled and what you did, any victories or defeats, we want to hear them!  Voice record your stories and send them to media @

Be well, be kind and think what you can do to score win-wins in this moment!