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A podcast about how to hack and hustle your way from tradeshow chaos to tradeshow delight.

In honor of tradeshow and event coordinators everywhere, three tradeshow experts from inside companies exhibiting at over 100 shows per year are out to reclaim the name "Booth Babes". In each episode, we bring you tips, tricks, and tales from our personal warchest of harrowing tradeshow gaffs and hard won showstopping triumphs. Come along for the ride!

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Apr 21, 2020

Heyyyyyyyayyyyy!  The world may be on pause, live shows may seem like a distant dream of the past that we will never experience again...  but alas, with a little creativity and hot sauce, event marketers can prevail.  In this first in a four part series on "What to Do When IRL gets Cancelled", your SHOWFFERS discuss the tactical action plan around what do put in play as soon as you know the world has shifted.  Lilo shares insight into what is going on inside a blockbuster brand house while Britt and Kate offer insights into experiences and communications.  Tune in to learn how to stay on your surfboard through this pandemic and beyond!